America On The Verge of Going Back To Normal After Fourth Country Announced Reopening

The Great State of Arizona is lifting the coronavirus ban and reopening its doors to the public. Arizona’s governor, Doug Ducey, has announced that all companies will reopen at full capacity.

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In a quote, Ducey said, “We’ve learned a lot over the last year.” “Our companies have done an outstanding job of safely and responsibly reacting to this pandemic. We will all be grateful for the sacrifices they and their staff have made, as well as their continued diligence in the face of the virus.”

“We have resisted appeals from extremists on both sides, and we will continue to do so,” he said.

“We’ve always known that battling this virus will require the personal commitment of ordinary Arizonans.”

A number of states are also loosening their coronavirus restrictions.

“Based on declining infection rates, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Kentucky, South Carolina, Michigan, Louisiana, California, and Connecticut all loosened coronavirus restrictions this week,” according to ABC.

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“Those limitations included business capability, curfews, social events, and entertainment venues,” according to the study. “Those states’ mask policies remained unchanged.”

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On Thursday, Connecticut declared that it would reopen for business.

“Beginning March 19… Restaurants, retail, libraries, personal facilities, indoor entertainment, gyms, museums, offices, and houses of worship in Connecticut have all had their capacity limits lifted, according to NBC 4 in New York.

The state of Texas kicked things off on Tuesday.

Governor Greg Abbott declared, “Today, I am releasing a new executive order that rescinds much of the earlier executive orders.” “As of next Wednesday, all companies of any kind are permitted to operate at full capacity.”

The governor went on to say, “That includes every kind of agency in Texas.” “I’m also repealing the statewide mask requirement.”

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Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves has announced that his state, like Texas, will reintroduce independence.

“Beginning tomorrow, we will remove all of our county mask mandates, allowing companies to operate at maximum capacity without any state-imposed restrictions. The number of hospitalizations and cases has decreased, and the vaccine is being administered quickly. He tweeted, “It’s time!”

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