Andrew Cuomo Just Got Hit For The Last Time… He’s Done

We warned you that the walls were closing in on you, and we were right. Cuomo recently apologized for his #MeToo transgressions. Is it possible that he’ll resign soon? Let’s not forget that the real scandal is the deaths in nursing homes. This #MeToo nonsense is actually his “out.” Instead of the damning and criminal nursing home debacle, he should resign and blame it on #MeToo.

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Citizens, Andrew Cuomo is barely holding on by a thread.

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The guy just keeps taking gut punches after gut punches, and he’ll finally be unable to stand up again.

Today, a second former Cuomo aide has come forward with some damning sexual assault charges against the disgraced New York Governor.

This is from the NY Times:

A second former aide to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has accused him of sexual harassment, claiming that he questioned her about her sex life, whether she was monogamous in her relationships, and whether she had ever had sex with older men.

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Charlotte Bennett, who served as an executive assistant and health policy advisor in Cuomo’s administration until November, told The New York Times that the governor threatened her late last spring, at the height of the state’s coronavirus battle.

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The most unsettling episode, according to Ms. Bennett, 25, occurred on June 5, when she was alone with Mr. Cuomo in his State Capitol office. She said in a series of interviews this week that the governor had asked her several personal questions, including whether she felt age made a difference in romantic relationships, and that he was open to relationships with women in their 20s — remarks she mistook for explicit sexual overtures.

In a statement to The New York Times on Saturday, Mr. Cuomo said he believed he was behaving as a mentor and that he had “never made advances against Ms. Bennett, nor did I ever wish to behave in any way that was inappropriate.” He claimed that he had ordered an independent inquiry into the matter and that New Yorkers should wait for the results “before passing any judgments.”

This man has gotten himself into a lot of trouble.

He really only has one choice at this point: step down. It’s about the only thing he can do to save face.

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