Biden To Establish ‘Gender Policy Council’ For Women After Destroying Female Sports

From giving getting the right to vote, through the 1960s and 70s’ equality movements, to making advances from sporting leagues to corporate boardrooms, advocates for women’s rights made great strides over the past 100 years.

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Yet, one of Joe Biden’s first official acts, once he entered the Oval Office, was to drive a stake through the heart of century’s worth of efforts to secure that equality.

With the stroke of a pen, Biden’s handlers destroyed women’s sports by declaring it illegal to ban biological men from competitions.

And now, with another stroke of the pen, Biden’s handlers are pretending that they care about women’s rights again: A couple of new executive orders signed Monday creates something called the Gender Policy Council, which will “ensure that the Biden-Harris Administration advances gender equity and equal rights and opportunity for women and girls.”

Sure, it will.

“The full participation of all people – including women and girls – across all aspects of our society is essential to the economic well-being, health, and security of our nation and of the world. This is a matter of human rights, justice and fairness,” says a White House explainer.

“It is also critically important to reducing poverty and promoting economic growth, increasing access to education, improving health outcomes, advancing political stability, and fostering democracy,” the statement continued.

Here’s what this splendid new council will do, the statement notes:

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  • Combatting systemic bias and discrimination, including sexual harassment;
  • Increasing economic security and opportunity by addressing the structural barriers to women’s participation in the labor force, decreasing wage and wealth gaps, and addressing the caregiving needs of American families and supporting care workers, predominantly low-paid women of color;
  • Ensuring access to comprehensive health care and preventing and responding to gender-based violence;
  • Promoting equity and opportunity in education and leadership; and
  • Advancing gender equality globally through diplomacy, development, trade, and defense, and by recognizing the needs and roles of women and girls in conflict prevention, peacebuilding, democratic rights-respecting governance, global health and humanitarian crises and development assistance.

The second order, meanwhile, “will direct the Department of Education (ED) to review all of its existing regulations, orders, guidance, and policies to ensure consistency with the Biden-Harris Administration’s policy that students be guaranteed education free from sexual violence.”

And why is this second order needed, you ask? Because Donald Trump once held the Oval Office.

“It also directs ED to specifically evaluate the Title IX regulation issued under the previous administration and agency action taken pursuant to that regulation, to determine whether the regulation and agency action are consistent with the policies of the Biden-Harris Administration,” said the White House statement.

There is nothing in this order but pomp and circumstance; the real damage has already been done by the previous order allowing biological men to destroy women’s sports. That’s all that matters at this point because that harmful effect is real.

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Also — proving that yes, Susan Rice is most likely the person in charge at Biden’s White House — the new council is a repeat of The White House Council on Women and Girls under Obama (Rice was there, you recall).

In May 2016, the Obama regime declared the Justice and Education departments would “treat a student’s gender identity as the student’s sex for purposes of enforcing Title IX,” while issuing orders to all public school districts in the country to ensure that students can use bathrooms and locker rooms matching their “gender identity.”

Like Obama, Biden is placating the 0.0001 percent of the population that ‘identifies’ as trangender. This has nothing to do with protecting women’s rights.

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