Biden Weaker Than Ever – Is This The End of Biden?

While climbing the stairs to Air Force One, President Joe Biden suffered a series of bad falls. Watch the following video:

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Biden, who is 78 years old, had to cling to the guardrail each time to avoid falling entirely.

In case ‘fact checkers’ say it was CGI and bad camera angles, here’s another angle.

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As the president struggled to make it up the stairwell, all of the troops and dignitaries stood and watched.

Biden mocked Trump in the past, boasting that he could climb ramps faster than the former president.

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It appears that this is not the case.

Some people remarked on how the press mocked President Trump for even reaching for the handrail.

President Biden fell down the stairs several times with no ice in sight, and the mainstream media will most likely only mention the incident to wish him well.

Biden was reportedly on his way to Atlanta. It was a scheduled stop on his road show to promote the COVID-19 package, which had already been approved.

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