Brad Parscale Goes On Very Curious Twitter Rant About President Trump

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Brad Parscale has had his ups and downs, like the rest of us…But I always appreciate it when I see a “former” Trump aide or worker, or manager who is still standing behind President Trump even after they’ve officially parted ways.

Clearly, Brad is one of the loyal ones, because even after he and President Trump parted ways during the 2020 campaign, he’s still fighting hard for him.

And he’s convinced that the Dems and GOP establishment are about to make a very dangerous mistake with this latest impeachment sham.

So, Brad took to Twitter where he shared some advice for President Trump and also gave some curious insight into what he thinks will happen with this impeachment…one thing Brad says is that Dems are about to make Trump into a martyr.

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Here’s what he said:

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