BREAKING: Biden’s Policies Exposed – Radicalism Warning!

Before Donald Trump, the biggest modern-era champion of ‘Mr. and Mrs. America’ who was also the most enthusiastic defender of our founding principles and Constitution was Ronald Reagan.

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And like Trump, Reagan was savaged by the media (not nearly with the same stridor but for the time — the 1980s — the media hate was unprecedented) as well as Democrats.

In every way, Barack Obama was the anti-Reagan as well as the anti-Trump. His policies were decided left-leaning, no question about it.

But former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) believes there is a night-and-day’s worth of difference between Obama and his former VP.

An even ‘Reaganesque’ difference, he believes, and that’s saying something.

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CNS News has more:

President Joe Biden’s record number of executive orders on issues like abortion, immigration, and climate change shows that Biden is even further left than former President Barack Obama, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Tuesday.

During an appearance on Fox News’s “The Story with Martha MacCallum,” Huckabee began by commenting on Rep. Pramila Jaypal’s (D-Wash.) call for $3 to 4 trillion in COVID relief and saying that Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID relief package should be considered the “floor” not a ceiling.

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“Why stop there? Let’s make it $25, 50 trillion? Let’s just give everybody anything they ever wanted. Let government be Santa Claus. She said that’s the floor. Heck, I’m on the floor thinking about how crazy this is. Joe Biden said he wanted to fight for me. My gosh, I’d hate to think if this is what he’s doing for me, what he would be doing to me if he was fighting against me,” Huckabee said.

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“A lot of these executive orders are killing people’s jobs all over the country, especially in the energy field, and despite the fact that 58 percent of Americans don’t want taxpayer-funded abortions, he’s pushing ahead. Seventy-seven percent including Democrats – this isn’t a bipartisan issue – don’t want America to be paying for foreign abortions,” the former governor, whose daughter, Sarah Sanders, served as one of President Trump’s press secretaries, continued.

“He just suspended the Mexico City policy, which does that. This is not a unity president. This is not a gee, let’s all come together. Joe Biden is making Barack Obama look like Ronald Reagan in terms of his leftist policies, and I think a lot of people that voted for him, goodness, I hope they’re as disappointed as they need to be over this,” Huckabee noted further.


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That said, Fox News contributor American Enterprise Institute’s Marc Thiessen noted during the same segment that Biden’s handlers are reaching too far left and that will create a backlash much as it did after Obama’s first two years, when Republicans won back the House (and then the Senate in 2014).

“Keep in mind, it was Barack Obama going and saying, elections have consequences and I won. That led to the backlash that started the Tea Party movement and eventually over time created Donald Trump,” he said.

“If Joe Biden doesn’t tack to the center and to the moderate path and try working with Republicans — he just had 10 Republican senators come to him in the Oval Office yesterday and offer their hand outstretched and saying let’s work on a scaled-down COVID relief bill where we can find consensus – $618 billion,” Thiessen said.

“That’s on top of the $900 billion we just passed a few weeks ago. So $1.5 trillion since Biden was elected. That’s real money. That’s a lot of money, and he seems to be uninterested in compromising with them. That means his whole promise of his inaugural address is a lie,” he said.

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