BREAKING: Dominion Software was Accessible to Far Left Indivisible Organizers on Election Night — An Obama-Linked Group That ENDORSED JOE BIDEN

On November 25th a 21-year-old electronic intelligence analyst under 305th Military Intelligence with experience gathering SAM missile system electronic intelligence signed a declaration of evidence for Attorney Sidney Powell in her investigation of the massive fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

The  declaration from an active-duty military analyst was made public this week.  The young analyst says that within five days of the election he/she was able to connect dominonvotingsystems.com, which is Dominion’s proprietary URL, to Belgrade, Iran, China — and Indivisible.org.


The US has a copy of the traffic and the packets of information that were sent to Germany on Election night!

On Monday the first expert at the Arizona State Legislature hearing with Rudy Giuliani was US cybersecurity expert Colonel Phil Waldron.

Colonel Phil Waldron spoke first at the Arizona hearing about the voting machines used in US elections. The Dominion systems were connected to the Internet as well, despite Dominion’s claims to the contrary.

The Dominion connections went overseas.


The records within the system can be manipulated by outside parties and insiders as well:

We also know there are many teams looking into the Dominion voting machine control weaknesses:


Col Waldron claimed that not only did the military’s ‘white hat hackers’ see the data flowing overseas to Germany on election night, they also have a copy of the traffic and and packets of data that were sent:

As Col Waldron testified foreign actors could manipulate the records.

It should be noted that Indivisible.org is not some local church group. ScorecardIndivisible.org is a radical far left group linked to Barack Obama.

The organization is a radical Trump-hating group that protests and smears President Trump.

And Indivisible.org even put up a video endorsing Joe Biden this year.

Why did this group have access to elections data on Election night?


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