Breaking: Here’s How Joe Biden’s Niece Avoids Jail Time For DUI

Joe Biden’s niece Caroline Biden, avoided jail time for a DUI conviction after striking a deal with the Montgomery County District Attorney.

Caroline Biden got 6 months of probation plus 20 days of rehab which will count toward her sentence.
“She will be on probation … Should she then violate or break the law at any time, then she will be on the hook for the rest of the sentence,” Kate Delano, a DA spokeswoman, told The New York Post.

Caroline Biden, the 33-year-old daughter of Joe’s slimy brother James Biden, slammed into a tree in Pennsylvania in August of 2019.
The police officer on scene said Caroline “had difficulty focusing on the conversation” as he questioned her.

The New York Post reported:

Biden, daughter of James Biden, was busted in Lower Merion Township, Pa., in August 2019 after slamming her car into a tree. Arresting officer Jeffrey Seamans noted Biden, who was driving without a license, “had difficulty focusing on the conversation” as he questioned her.

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Biden’s car contained pill bottles for carisoprodol and lorazepam, both of which are controlled substances. A blood test later confirmed those and other drugs were in her system at the time of the crash.

As her Uncle Joe campaigned for president, the case took more than a year crawling through the Pennsylvania courts. Her arraignment was held on Nov. 4 — one day after the presidential election.
A court spokesperson insisted the date was auto-generated and its post-election timing was coincidental.
This is not Caroline Biden’s first brush with the law.

Recall, Caroline Biden in 2017 avoided jail time after a $100,000 credit card scam.
Caroline Biden defrauded a New York City pharmacy out of over $100,000. But she didn’t serve any jail time for that scam either because she struck a deal with the Manhattan court.

Caroline Biden was also arrested in 2013 after attacking a police officer. They had to strap her to a wheelchair to remove her from the building
According to an investigation by the New York Post, the Biden family has racked up arrests for drugs and drunk driving but no jail time.

It must be nice to be a Biden.

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