Breaking: Kayleigh is Still Causing Liberals to Lose Their Minds…Her Latest Move is Best Yet

Just when liberals thought they had seen the last of Kayleigh McEnany on their screens…

According to reports, Kayleigh is in talks with Fox News to become a spokeswoman on their channel.

This news is coming right after Trump’s National Economic Director Larry Kudlow has joined the network.

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Check it out:

From Boston.com

In a public financial disclosure report filed with the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, McEnany said she had an employment agreement with Fox News, to start in January. The report was first posted publicly by the organization Citizens for Ethics.

McEnany signed the report, attesting to its accuracy, on Jan. 12 — which would mean she had agreed to work for the news organization while still employed by the government as the person most responsible for getting the administration’s news out to all of the public

Fox said Tuesday that McEnany is not a Fox employee.

The network and McEnany had initial conversations after the election but put them on pause, according to someone familiar with the matter who spoke on condition of anonymity because the person was not allowed to discuss personnel issues.

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The person said that Fox is open to hiring McEnany in the future.

And of course, the left is losing their marbles over this one.

What happened to her standing offer as a full time performer at Sapphire in Las Vegas?

There’s three career choices: Fox, porn, marry Trump.

Great? How can we quash putting Nazi Barbie on air??

Duh. She’s rendered herself unemployable anywhere else.

Perfect for FOX and its viewers who are gullible for any lies that are told to them. Put the FOX spin on everything they report about.

But she’s blond.

She should just hang it up. Go on DWTS like Spicy did. Don’t like her any better, but she would look nicer

Look how wonderful and supportive the left is of a woman in politics.

Truly unbelievable…

Unless you’re promoting their message, it doesn’t matter if you’re Mother Theresa, the liberal mob will tear you down.

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