BREAKING: Nevada GOP Electors Cast Ballot for Trump, There Are Now Dueling Electors in Three States (VIDEO)

Republican electors in Nevada have cast ballots for Donald J. Trump, and declared him the winner of six electoral votes.

Electors in Georgia and Pennsylvania also cast procedural ballots for Trump while the states continue to be contested.

There are now dueling electors in all three states.

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The Electoral Count Act (ECA) of 1887 says each chamber of Congress will separately decide which slate of ‘dueling electors’ to accept.

The new congress that will be sworn in on January 3 will be the ones doing the count.
The Senate would vote for the Vice President. Republicans currently hold the Senate.
The House of Representatives would choose the President however it is not one vote per lawmaker like it is in the senate.

The House in each state gets one vote and with the new Congress, Republicans will have the advantage with 27 of the state delegations – a candidate needs 26 votes to win the White House.
If the two chambers disagree, we could end up in uncharted territory, though experts typically say that electors approved by each state’s “executive” should prevail.

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