Breaking News: Black Lives Matter Monsters Terrorize Child Cancer Fundraiser in Wisconsin (video)

In what might actually be a new low for Black Lives Matter monsters, a group of “protesters” in Wisconsin terrorized people who went to look at the lights in a child cancer fundraiser on Friday evening.

“Black Lives Matter goons are currently at Candy Cane Lane in the Milwaukee area and are terrorizing people who have come to look at the lights in a child cancer fundraiser. Yes, Black Lives Matter goons are actually terrorizing a child cancer fundraiser,” radio host Dan O’Donnell tweeted with a video.

The group was chanting things like “black children matter.”

O’Donnell added, “It’s okay, the Black Lives Matter goons plan to make a donation to child cancer to make up for the money the charity will lose tonight. Just kidding! They’re terrible people.”

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“Also, none of them appear to be following COVID protocols. @GovEvers, didn’t you just tell us to cancel their Christmas plans because they could spread COVID? You going to denounce this super-spreader or nah?” O’Donnell continued.

Despite the protest, the group surpassed their previous fundraising records for the event.

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