Breaking NEWS: Team Trump Makes BIG “Election Move” In 4 States

If you thought the fight over this election ended on January 6th, then it looks like you might be mistaken.
According to reports, the Trump campaign is kicking things into high gear by buying a huge radio campaign on fraud in the 2020 election in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin.

And it also appears they’ve bought adds on OAN and Newsmax.
Trump campaign is going on radio in GA with a substantial buy with an ad talking about its allegations of election fraud, per a buyer and a campaign adviser. Also in MI and AZ and Wisc, as well as on OAN and Newsmax

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Do you agree Fox News has gone too far to the left
Trump is practically screaming “FRAUD” from the rooftops at this point.
This is pretty gosh darn bold, and conservatives on Twitter are cheering Trump on for making this brave move.

Trump won in a landslide. WE his voters want him to fight for our vote.
Good!! He won and the legislators need to step in!! Too much fraud!
That’s great news. It’s the only way to get the truth out about what occurred in this election.

Another user also made this interesting observation:
In PA Gov Wolfe put ads on about the safety of the PA elections since Nov4th. They were pre-produced (before Nov3rd). Why u ask? Because they knew our election would raise doubts.

Crazy right?
If this does indeed carrying past January 6th, this will be a huge stain on Biden’s presidency.

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