Breaking NEWS: The Trump Insider is Back And He Just Dropped Two More Big BOMBS

Patrick Byrne broke a bombshell story last night.
He was at the recent “election 2020” meeting that was attended by Sidney Powell, General Flynn, and others.

Patrick was so disgusted by what he witnessed that he took to Twitter and he called out the people who were part of Trump’s inner circle, who he said were sabotaging hum behind the scenes…one of those people was WH General Counsel Pat Cipollone, who Patrick said was actually the “leaker.”

Well, Patrick is back and he has an update and a warning.
First the update…it looks like Patrick’s bombshell last night may have had an impact. Here’s what he said:

“I hear White House General Counsel Pat Cipollone was fired tonight. From my hours with the guy Friday night, that would be the smartest thing Trump could have done. Scheming worm worrying about his next job and what socialite parties he might get invited to.”

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Now, I can’t confirm that Mr. Cipollone was actually fired, it could just be a rumor. If he hasn’t been, let’s hope it happen soon because he sounds like a typical DC swamp rat, and it’s sickening to think he’s the “general counsel” that President Trump has been relying on.

I remember this bum from the impeachment trial. He was probably hoping Trump was convicted.
Patrick also issued a warning for President Trump. Here’s what he said: “For the first time in my life I feel sorry for Donald Trump. He is standing up to his waist in snakes. Trust Rudy and Sidney only.”

I also feel so sad for President Trump…DC is such a sick swamp, that no matter who you let in, they turn out to be a snake.
That’s why when you do have loyalists like Sidney and Rudy, you need to keep them close.
All of this reminds me of that poem President Trump would read during his rallies in 2016…little did he know, he’d be living that nightmare with all these evil and soulless DC serpents.

Pray for Trump, he needs us now more than ever.

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