BREAKING: Pennsylvania Responds to Texas Supreme Court Case – Says It’s Bogus and Seditious

In a not-so-cerebral response to a suit from Texas at the Supreme Court, Pennsylvania responded to the accusations of massive corruption and unconstitutional acts that took place in four states (including Pennsylvania) in the 2020 election, and claimed that because Obama judges haven’t addressed their corruption, no one should.

A response to the case against Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia was due by 3:00 pm today.  The states met the deadline set by the Supreme Court.  Pennsylvania responded:

Pennsylvania responded to Texas’ lawsuit at the Supreme Court Thursday, calling it “legally indefensible” and an “affront to principles of constitutional democracy.”

“Since Election Day, State and Federal courts throughout the country have been flooded with frivolous lawsuits aimed at disenfranchising large swaths of voters and undermining the legitimacy of the election. The State of Texas has now added its voice to the cacophony of bogus claims,” Pennsylvania said in its court filing.

It responded on behalf of itself. Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia were also sued by Texas.

This was not much of an argument from the Democrat-led state.  The President and another 18 states have joined Texas in their suit.

According to the Washington Times, the Supreme court is scheduled to meet tomorrow morning:

The justices could decide to grant or deny the lawsuit at any time, but they are set to meet for a private conference Friday morning where the matter will likely be discussed.

The Keystone state asked the justices to dismiss the case, saying Texas does not have standing — or sufficient injury — to sue, nor does the state makes any claim based on law or fact.

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Pennsylvania appears to have its morals upside down as it claimed Texas took a seditious act in its lawsuit:

Pennsylvania’s response held no weight:

The Democrats who have attempted to steal the 2020 election with the most dishonest, seditious and corrupt actions in US history are now calling the majority of Americans who voted for President Trump – seditious.  If the Democrats didn’t have projection they would have nothing at all.

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