Breaking: Trump Campaign Drops All Georgia Election Challenges

The Trump campaign has formally dropped all four election challenges in Georgia.

The campaign says that they are voluntarily dismissing the lawsuits after they say they reached a settlement to review election data.

We are promptly voluntarily dismissing the following legal actions as per your request and consideration of the settlement,” the letter from Roswell attorney Kurt Hilbert reads

They added that they look forward to receiving “heretofore withheld Nov. 3, 2020 election data.”

However, “special assistant attorney general Chris Anulewicz told the court any claims of a settlement agreement were false and Hilbert appeared to violate Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct,” Georgia Public Broadcast reports.

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“Without notifying Defendants’ counsel, Plaintiff and his litigation counsel participated in a phone conference with Defendant Raffensperger on Saturday, January 2, 2020,” he wrote. “The participation of counsel for Plaintiff in that call appears to be in violation of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 4.2, as Plaintiff’s counsel neither notified litigation counsel for Defendant Raffensperger nor sought nor obtained consent to conduct or participate in a conversation with Defendant Raffensperger.”

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