Breaking: Trump Supporters Confront Mitt Romney at Airport

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah found himself the target of several Trump supporters, both at an airport and during a flight, as he headed to Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, according to multiple videos posted online.

Romney was first confronted while sitting in a chair at Salt Lake City International Airport waiting to board a plane, per a video posted on Twitter. In the video, a woman filming him unloaded on the GOP senator.

Her message to Romney: the Republican Party’s base is no longer content with the same old, same old.

“Why aren’t you supporting President [Donald] Trump?” asked the woman, who didn’t appear to be in the mood for a milquetoast answer.

“I do agree with many of the things he is for, and I support those things,” Romney told her. He was then dismissive of the woman, who said she was one of his voters and expressed her concern for election security.

When asked why he didn’t intend to join other GOP senators in rejecting presidential candidate Joe Biden‘s purported Electoral College victory, he stated, “It’s a long story, but we have a Constitution, the Constitutional process is clear, I will follow the Constitution, and I will explain all that when we meet in Congress this week.”

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