Breaking Video: Jen Psaki Refuses To Condemn Maxine Waters’ Call To Harass Trump Supporters

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On Tuesday, Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to condemn past remarks by Rep. Maxine Watters when she called on supporters to harass Trump supporters and “create a crowd, get in their face” if you see them in public.

“As millions of people tune in throughout the week, they’re going to see the former Presidents lawyers argue that some Democrats have used incendiary language. They are going to point to Representative Maxine Waters for example, who in 2018 called on supporters at a rally to confront and at one point harass Trump officials over their support of the child separation policy. So how does the White House view that as any different?

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“Look the President is, uh…Joe Biden is the President. He’s not a pundit,” Psaki responded.

He’s not going to opine on the back and forth arguments nor is he watching them that are taking place, uh….in the Senate,” she concluded.

She had a golden opportunity to denounce ALL forms of political violence no matter which side of the aisle they’re on, but she chose not to do that.

Watch below:

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The lesson is simple:

The Biden White House believes that violence and harassment against Trump supporters is perfectly acceptable…but anything aimed at them is “terrorist activity”.

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