Chaos In Portland As Antifa Terrorists Attack Police To Prevent Squatter Eviction (VIDEO)

Antifa terrorists and their associates pelted Portland police with projectiles and sprayed them with fire extinguishers during an attempted eviction Tuesday morning. The terrorists also slashed several tires on SUV cruisers and hurled objects at them, breaking several windows and doing substantial damage. Officers were forced to retreat as the unruly mob continued to pose a threat.

— Kris Hunter (@_KrisHunter_) December 8, 2020.

Apparently this is at a place dubbed The Red House, where several trespassing squatters have taken over during the last few months and have been causing chaos in the neighborhood.

Police and Sheriffs say there have been 81 calls for service placed by neighbors regarding a variety of criminal activity that has taken place on and around the property, including shots fired.

One of the antifa organizations claimed victory:

Police actually managed to arrest a few folks, but what’s even the point of arrests anyway since District Attorney Mike Schmidt just drops charges on all of them?

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