Deal Between Trump And Parler Coming?

Left-wing Buzzfeed just dropped a bombshell.

According to a new report, a deal between Donald Trump and Parler could be in the works.

From Buzzfeed:

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Discussions were revived in the weeks following the election, according to two people involved, but the deal fell apart after the Capitol invasion. Following that event, Apple and Google removed Parler from their app stores, and Amazon kicked the company off its cloud hosting service, forcing the site offline. The tech giants determined that Parler had not done enough to moderate hate speech and calls for violence on its platform before, during, and after the Jan. 6 insurrection.

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When reached by phone on Friday, Wernick, who called himself an adviser to the company, said that there had been discussions with the Trump Organization about bringing Trump onto the platform, but that the former president had not been involved in those conversations. He also said there were inaccuracies in what BuzzFeed News was reporting, but did not provide specifics on what, if anything, was inaccurate.

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“We have spoken to several people about potential stakes in the company for producing certain things,” Wernick said. He declined to get into the specifics of negotiations citing nondisclosure agreements he said were in place between Parler and the Trump Organization.

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Cannon and Matze declined to comment. Bongino and a Parler spokesperson did not respond to emailed requests for comment.

A Trump Organization spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment.

Now, according to this report, this same deal was talked about while Trump was in the White House although Trump himself was never involved in these meetings. The deal at the time fell through.

Not anymore

This report comes to light on the heels of them firing their CEO.

Bongino also said that Parler should be back Monday:

I hope this is true!

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