Donald Trump About To Be Indicted?

When is the witch hunt going to end?

They couldn’t get DJT to talk about the Russian hoax, their fake insurrectionist story, or taxes for that matter.

When are these people going to get a life and stop this charade?

Right now, there are 99 topics that need to be discussed, and Donald J Trump is not one of them.
Is this just another diversion?

I believe it is, or maybe Trump Derangement Syndrome has reared its ugly head once again.

In either case, the MSM will now have something to report on, which may boost their dismal ratings.

Here’s more information on the story:

According to Reuters:

Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer and fixer, said he would meet with the Manhattan district attorney’s office on Wednesday for his seventh interview in connection with the criminal investigation into the former US president.

In a brief interview with Reuters, he related the “holy grail” for Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr.’s investigation into whether the Trump Organization committed financial crimes to a March 1 Supreme Court decision denying Trump’s last-ditch attempt to keep his tax records secret.

Following the decision, Vance’s office collected millions of pages of documents from Trump’s accountants, Mazars USA LLP, including tax returns, business records, and correspondence between the Trump Organization and its accountants.

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There was more on the Hill:

Following news that his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen has met with the Manhattan district attorney’s office for a series of interviews, John Dean, the former White House counsel to former President Nixon, predicted that former President Trump will be indicted shortly.

“I can assure you that as a main witness, you should not visit a prosecutor’s office seven times if they are not intending to indict anyone for whom you have information. It’s just a matter of time before DA Vance indicts Trump and his associates,” Dean wrote on Twitter.

Cohen met with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office for the seventh time on Wednesday as part of a federal probe into Trump’s finances, according to reports. In the near future, Cohen is scheduled to attend the eighth meeting.


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