Dr. Fauci & Chinese Communist Caught Conspiring on Mass Vaccinations

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the preeminent authority figure on the COVID-19 pandemic, recently appeared on a virtual panel hosted by the University of Edinburgh with his counterpart, Dr. Zhong Nanshan, a longtime Chinese Communist Party member.

Despite public health experts’ advocacy for ‘strict’ lockdowns lasting 2-3 years and global mass vaccinations, the video was posted by the University of Edinburgh in early March and received relatively little attention.

Dr. Zhong is a pulmonary specialist and a long-time Communist Party member, and is known as “China’s Fauci.”

Just the News reported that Zhong has a long history in the Chinese Communist Party hierarchy, having held delegate positions in both the CCP’s National Congress and its National People’s Congress for many years. “He has also served on a number of state research initiatives and is the founder of the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Diseases, which is funded by the government.”

“Both Fauci and Zhong expressed hope on the panel that COVID-19 restrictions would be maintained indefinitely,” the report continued.

“The ‘commonsense’ approach to engendering herd immunity in the population, according to Zhong, is ‘mass vaccinations,’ but ‘to do that… will take about two or three years time with global collaboration.’”

In a conversation between public health officials, Dr. Fauci would echo those sentiments. Dr. Zhong replied to a question from Dr. Anthony Fauci at the University of Edinburgh’s virtual panel, which elicited his support for “strict” lockdowns.

“There are so many questions to consider,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said. “The one that I think is very important, that seems to dominate the discussion throughout the world, but certainly in the United States, relates to one of Dr. Zhong’s slides, will you be able to strike a balance between economic considerations and health considerations?”

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Dr. Fauci said, “There is a constant understandable need to open up the country and get back to normal.” “Every time I give an interview, every time I have a discussion, everyone wants to get back to some form of normalcy,” says the author.

“However, if one does it too quickly, and as Dr. Zhong has mentioned, if you ‘jump the gun,’ or do it too quickly, you can get a resurgence of infection,” Dr. Fauci added. “So the question is: how do you strike the right balance between maintaining strict public health measures while gradually opening up the economy and the country?

“It’s extremely dangerous. You’ll have a setback if you go too fast,” Dr. Fauci continued. “If you go too slowly, you get a lot of the suffering that Dr. Zhong mentioned, mental health issues, economic problems, it’s a very delicate balance that the students need to consider how difficult that type of balance is to achieve,” says the student.

“So, Tony, I believe your question is also my question,” Dr. Zhong responded. “I believe we had a very… I’d had the experience for a long time and was now trying to find a balance. But, because of a traumatic experience with SARS 18 years ago, I believe China is a little more cautious. As a result, that’s a big part of the question.”

Dr. Zhong went on to say, “The great problem.” “For starters, I’ve gone through the entire disease process. And I believe that at that time, one, because of a lack of transparency and for a period of time, we had a major problem with disease outbreak.”

“So I think we just take a very strict, strict action this time,” Dr. Zhong said. “So, the lockdown, followed by the so-called, in the local community, and early detection, and so on. That was our experience during the SARS outbreak.”

“But the point is, we just try to open that step by step and see what happens, what happens, and then try to release, and that’s not the way,” Dr. Zhong explained. “As a result, this is always a contentious time for us. So, for example, we took a long time to figure out when he was ready to return to work, which was in April.

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