Everyone Who Took The Vaccine Will Wear A Mask For LIFE!?

Are you familiar with Clif High?

I find him enthralling.

He’s one of those people who knows a lot of stuff….about a lot of things.

Have you ever met a person like that?

Not in an obnoxious way, either.

I’m not a knucklehead.

He’s just a guy you want to hang out with and learn from.

Now, I’ll give you a couple of heads-ups….

I don’t always agree with what he does.

I assume he is wrong in a few ways, such as when he mentions reincarnation and the Age of Aquarius.

That’s not my cup of tea.

That does not, however, imply that I throw the baby out with the bathwater.

In reality, I’ve been following Clif since around 2017, and he’s been correct on far more occasions than he’s been incorrect.

So I thought I’d share this most recent video with you.

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He discusses how the Progressive Machine is losing control of the narrative.

Even losing control of reality.

“Get ready for Fauci to come out and announce that the vaccine has gone terribly wrong and that anyone who took the vaccine will have to wear a mask for the rest of their lives!” was the one line that completely knocked me off my feet.

Oh, my goodness!

Here’s where you can listen:

So, what are your views on the COVID vaccine?

Do you have confidence in it?

Do you have faith in it to look after your family?

Will you be able to comprehend it?

Will you be having the COVID vaccine, to put it plainly?


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