EXCLUSIVE: Georgia Election Official Ralph Jones, Sr. Announced Votes Could Be ‘Cured’ at a Different Location – Were These Ballots Sent Electronically?

In a post on December 8, we reported that Georgia Election Official Ralph Jones, Sr.  announced that counting would stop on Election night at 11pm in the State Farm Center.  Then he and a few others stuck around and started jamming thousands of ballots from under the table into the Dominion voting machines:

What we have uncovered in the video of Mr. Jones making the statement about shutting down the State Farm Center, is that he also mentions there were 363 ballots that were rejected, and when asked, he said, “THEY ALL CAN BE CURED BETWEEN NOW AND FRIDAY”?

How is that possible that ALL the ballots mentioned by Mr. Jones can be cured?  Was the adjudication being observed by legal GOP observers?  He says the adjudication was to be  done over at the “APC Center”.  Others have said this also.  How were the “rejected” ballots sent over to the “APC Center” to be adjudicated?   Was there chain-of-custody to these ballots?  Were they sent over by USB drive, email, hand-carried, and observed?

How did Jones know all the rejected ballots can be cured?  Wasn’t the reason they were rejected is that they have issues with signature, address match, envelopes, ambiguous markings, or legal voting status, or were none of that being looked at (and observed by GOP observers)?

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Mr Jones also stated at the 30:55 mark that they scanned up to 75,000 ballots and he previously stated that the adjudication (should be a “rejection”) population was 700 on the first day and 1100 on the second day.  That’s a rejection rate of only 1800/75000 or 2.4%, but then they are somehow able to “cure them all”?

Are there any affidavits of GOP observers of the “adjudication/cure” process at the “APC Center” in Fulton County?

This is all very concerning because there is now video showing that an individual can ‘adjudicate’ a ballot by him or herself and can even push through blank ballots into the system and show them as voting for whomever they want.  Also, the adjudication system in Dominion provides no data to show who did the adjudication on a ballot.

The below video comes from Coffee County where there was a review of results from the 2020 election – this video shows many concerns and lack of proper controls (like proper dual controls and evidence of who makes what changes in the system):

Of course it was Coffee County that announced the other day that it couldn’t reconcile its results with the Dominion system – which happens to be used all over Georgia:

This election was stolen for Joe Biden.


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