“Existential Crisis” – Biden Says We Need to Address Climate Change with a ‘Unified National Response’ Just Like We did with Covid-19 (VIDEO)

Never let a crisis go to waste.

78-year-old Joe Biden on Saturday announced key climate and energy team ‘nominees’ and ‘appointees.’

Climate change is a hoax and the left is using it to usher in global redistribution of wealth.

Joe Biden on Saturday said climate change is an “existential crisis” and asserted we need a “unified national response” to combat climate change just like we did with Covid-19.

This is frightening.

“Folks, we’re in a crisis. Just like we need a unified national response to COVID-19, we need a unified national response to climate change. We need to meet this moment with the urgency it demands as we would during any national emergency.”


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Full video of Joe Biden’s Orwellian speech that virtually no one watched (but he got 81 million votes)

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