Florida Judge Just Beat This Lawyer A*S (VIDEO)

In a day and age when we’re watching the entire judiciary (even the SCOTUS) crumble before our very eyes, it’s very hopeful to see a judge actually stand up to the “woke mob.”

Actually, this Florida judge didn’t just stand up to the liberal mob, he sliced and diced it, and stuffed it into a meatgrinder, to boot.

I am not sure who this judge is, all I know is he’s in Florida, but after I saw the video, I knew you’d enjoy it, so I wanted to get it to you right away.

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Sometimes it feels as if everyone is against us, and we have nobody fighting against the liberals or their BLM agenda…this video should make you feel better about that.

I’ll set it up for you…The lawyer was trying to defend his client’s criminal behavior by suggesting that “black men” are being persecuted by police…I think he thought he had a home run with that defense, until the judge lashed out, with arms flailing in the air, and basically told the guy to take his “woke” crap and shove it.

It’s a great clip.

You can watch the video below:


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