GEORGIA EXCLUSIVE: Election Official Gabriel Sterling Admitted Hiring Counters from the far-left ACLU – Did He Also Allow ACLU Registrars to Fix Voter Registration Records on Election Day?

Georgia Election Official Gabe Sterling admitted earlier this year that he was targeting hiring the ACLU to help count votes in the 2020 Presidential election.  The ACLU did more than that – is this connected to Gabe Sterling?

On November 26 we uncovered a video of Gabe Sterling discussing the 2020 election earlier in the year.  He took credit for the ballot drop boxes and for recommending the hiring of individuals from the ACLU to help with the vote counting in Georgia during the election:

Today we uncovered the fact that Ralph Jones, Sr. was involved in curing ballots in Georgia after the election:

What we have uncovered is that Ralph may have been working with outsiders, to ‘cure’ ballots after election day.  And we have found out that the ACLU may be the group he was working with.

In a video released from the Georgia House investigations Georgia Poll Manager Susan Voyles says that a batch of 60 ballots came in from one Quality Living Center during the election.  Could they have been from a BMD (Ballot Marking Device – Dominion ImageCast X) at that location?   See below at the 2:06:13 mark.

Then at 2:08 mark in the video, she says a Dominion technician logged in from Denver to her poll pad and corrected the designated precinct for her poll pad!  NO AIR GAP!  This is frightening from a control standpoint.

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At 2:10 in the video, the attention turns to the actual Ballot Marking Device, and shockingly, they are ALSO connected to the Internet!

At 2:11, Ms Voyles states that she or other poll workers are not allowed to have their personal cell phones or other devices, but the ACLU had a representative there, who had been assigned a role as “Deputy Registrar” accessing COUNTY ELECTION SYSTEMS in real-time ON THE INTERNET on election day to “fix” voter registration records!

Apparently the role of “Deputy Registrars” was promoted by the ACLU.  Here’s a press release from the ACLU for people to volunteer as “Deputy Registrars”!

“Given the record number of absentee ballots already requested for the November 3 general election, Fulton County has developed a new absentee ballot cancellation process. On Election Day, when a Fulton voter who has requested an absentee ballot arrives at a polling location intending to vote in person, it will be the responsibility of the Fulton County Deputy Registrar stationed at each Fulton polling location to cancel that absentee ballot directly through the county election software. This new process will drastically reduce wait times for Fulton voters.”

 Was Ralph Jones, Sr working with ACLU related members hired by Gabe Sterling to adjudicate and cure ballots after election day?  This whole thing is a mess!


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