Georgia Receives Trump’s Congrats On Its New Election Law

President Trump congratulated Georgia on its new election law, which Governor Kemp recently signed.

Georgia’s new election law would require people who vote by absentee ballot to display a state-issued identification card.

Giving presents, food, or any other things to voters in poll lines is now a misdemeanor under the new legislation.

The new Georgia statute, according to Biden, is the new “Jim Crow” for the twenty-first century.

“Congratulations to Georgia and the Georgia State Legislature on reforming their voter Rules and Regulations,” Trump was quoted as saying.

President Biden slammed Georgia’s recently enacted voting legislation, calling it a “un-American statute” that denies citizens the right to vote.

“In the twenty-first century, Jim Crow is still alive and well. It has to come to an end,” Biden said in a statement.

The bill passed the Georgia legislature quickly and was signed by Gov. Brian Kemp on Thursday.

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In the meantime, former President Trump congratulated Georgia on enacting comprehensive voting reform on Friday.

“Congratulations to Georgia and the Georgia State Legislature for amending their voting laws. They’ve learned their lesson from the travesty of the 2020 Presidential Election, which must never happen again. In a tweet, the former president said, “Too bad these reforms couldn’t have been done sooner!”

Kemp refuted the “Jim Crow” charge. “Requiring a photo or state-issued ID to vote by absentee ballot is not ‘Jim Crow’ – every Georgia voter is required to do so when voting in person,” the governor said. “It’s clear that neither President Biden nor his aides have read Senate Bill 202.”

Here’s the full text of Trump’s statement:


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