Here’s How the Establishment Media Is Using Mayor Pete To Erase Trump’s Legacy

An establishment media campaign to erase the legacy of President Donald Trump is underway, and that campaign includes throwing Trump ally and patriot Richard Grenell under the bus.

Grenell, if you didn’t know it, is a homosexual man whom Trump appointed as acting director of national intelligence earlier this year.

Perhaps you weren’t aware of Grenell’s sexual orientation. That’s probably because unlike those who are obsessed with the politics of identity, the Trump administration official didn’t feel compelled to go on a media tour discussing the details of what goes on in his personal life. The former U.S. ambassador to Germany just did his job, and he did it well.

Still, Grenell’s appointment was considered historic, and the website of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence featured an interview with him about his groundbreaking appointment July 1.

“On February 20, Richard Grenell was appointed Acting Director of National Intelligence, becoming the first openly gay DNI and cabinet member in American history. Not long ago, these words would have been an impossibility,” the post began.

“For decades, federal law made it so that no amount of education, experience, or intellect could brighten the tarnish of homosexuality in the security clearance process — the gateway into the Intelligence Community,” it said.

In the Q&A, Grenell was quite adamant that he wished to see his personal life remain separate from his work.

“I’ve made it clear that I am not asking for special treatment or special rights — just equal access and consideration,” the former acting DNI said. “It is important to me that I not be defined by my sexual orientation — I want to be defined by my experience and skills.

“It undercuts all that I want to do in my career when I’m narrowly defined as a gay ambassador. I’d rather be known as the ambassador who got Germany to ban Hezbollah and finally take back the Nazi prison guard living in the US for over a decade.”

Grenell’s historic status was noted by many outlets after his appointment.

“President Trump became the first president to name an openly gay person to a Cabinet-level position this week with the appointment of Richard Grenell as acting director of national intelligence,” The Hill reported Feb. 21.

“Mr. Grenell, who has pushed to advance gay rights in his current post, is also thought to be the first openly gay cabinet member,” The New York Times said.

Others, including CNN, declined to mention his sexual orientation.Now, Grenell — who spends his days fighting for Trump and election integrity online and recently on the ground in Nevada — is being canceled by some in the media in favor of gay Democrat Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

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On Tuesday, Democrat Joe Biden, whom the Electoral College this week selected as the winner of the presidential election, nominated Buttigieg to become his transportation secretary.

Just like that, Buttigieg was hailed as a historic appointment while Grenell was tossed aside.

ABC News’ headline said, “Buttigieg would make history if confirmed as Biden’s transportation secretary,” while Gay Times declared, “Pete Buttigieg to make history as first openly gay Cabinet member in the US.”

Online, others celebrated Biden’s supposedly groundbreaking choice.



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