How Thorough Is The F.B.I?

Caught in the act?

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Many of us have strong reasons to suspect The F.B.I. of foul play, James Comey is one of the people who comes to mind when I think about this.

The Carter Page scandal is also another reason we have such a massive distrust towards The F.B.I.

Aside from the mistrust we can now safely assume that they are totally imcompetent too!

Sources say The F.B.I. has ‘accidentally’ included a doctored image with an adult film star in the background as part of its investigation.

I wonder if this was something they missed, or if it is evidence that they alter images all the time, and were messing around with this one and accidentally released it?

Either way this agency is certainly not playing it’s A-game.

Check it out:

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100 Percent Fed Up reported:

Rumors have circulated that the FBI included in its Capitol unrest report a picture of a nude porn star that had been digitally inserted into the background of a photo.

If true, this would exemplify the attention to detail the FBI have given their witch-hunt to paint all Trump supporters as criminals and crazy people.

They are seeking to attach all conservatives to a small and relatively minor event compared to the year-long riots and unrest that continue to this day by Antifa and BLM.

They ignore plenty of evidence of leftist crimes here and here at the capitol as well as stacks of classified documents that many believe would have had strong impacts on this country and the election.  They also are alleged to have shredded documents related to election fraud.

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The Gateway Pundit had more:

The FBI has put in hours of work identifying the suspects inside the US Capitol on January 6th.  One individual, Brian McCreary, was identified by FBI agent Emily Eckert last week.

Emily even included photos in her report on McCreary.

It was only until after the report was published that internet sleuths noticed something strange about one of the photos.

The photo in the FBI report was doctored by a friend of McCreary’s and was not caught before it was published in the FBI report.

The man in the photo porn star Barry Wood. His career is historic.

Now Wood is even documented by the FBI.

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