“I Made a Choice, I Can Either Sit with Surrender Caucus or Stand Up and Fight” – GOP Rep. Mo Brooks Vows to Fight Stolen Election in January

Rep. Mo Brooks joined Lou Dobbs on Monday to discuss his efforts to contest the fraudulent 2020 election.

Brooks promised to confront the fraudulent election when Congress convenes in 2021.

Rep. Mo Brooks: Well, it’s happened many times in the past. Apparently, some folks have not done their history. By way of example, Democrats in the House tried it in 2017 when they tried to strike Alabama’s vote for Donald Trump. Georgia the same way, the House Democrats tried to strike it. Barbara Boxer tried to strike Ohio for George Bush back in 2005. So this is not unusual and the laws are very clear. The House of Representatives and in combination with the United States Senate has the lawful authority to accept or reject electoral college vote submissions from states that have such fraud election systems that are not worthy of our trust.

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Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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