If You Thought Newsom Was Facing “Bad News” Before, You Ain’t See Nothin’ Yet…

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Things are not looking good for Gavin Newsom…

Due to his horrific COVID-19 response, he’s facing a recall effort the likes of which he’s never seen.

And it’s not just Republicans calling for his removal, a growing number of Democrat and Independent voters are also demanding that Newsom step down.

From Washington Examiner

As of Monday, nearly 10% of petitions had been submitted by registered Democrats, with almost one-quarter presented by voters unaffiliated with any political party and 66.5% coming from Republicans. Recall organizers said that petitions are netting a healthy 85% validation rate, putting them on track to turn in, as early as March 1, plenty more than the 1.5 million signatures needed to force Newsom to fight for his job in a special election this year.

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“We’re seeing signatures coming in from independents and Democrats that we weren’t seeing months earlier,” said Dave Gilliard, who is among Republican strategists running the petition drive. This is not Gilliard’s first California recall. In 2003, he managed signature-gathering that triggered the special election that cut short Gov. Gray Davis’s second term. Voters replaced the Democrat with Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger, a popular Hollywood star who went on to serve more than seven years as governor.

In 2003, Davis was bedeviled by an electricity crisis that caused rolling blackouts and left California’s major power suppliers bankrupt or teetering on insolvency. Eighteen years later, Newsom, 53, is in danger of being undone in his first term by an array of problems stemming from a raging, year-old pandemic.

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