Is Cuomo’s “Takedown” Part of a Secret “Trump Plot” to Beat the SDNY? Liberals Think So…

Chip Franklin, a liberal writer, and talk show host believes he has cracked the case on the “Cuomo takedown.”

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He (and many others) believe that there’s a secret plot to take down Gov. Cuomo that involves President Trump.

Isn’t this just typical liberalism? They can’t take responsibility for what they’ve done or all the mistakes that their so-called “leaders” make.

It can’t be that Cuomo is a perverted, heartless killing machine – no – it’s Trump’s fault…Of course…it’s always Trump’s fault, right?

So, here’s how this popular liberal theory goes:

Libs say that Trump and pro-Trump forces are working behind the scenes to take down Governor Cuomo, so they can install a Republican governor, who will then “pardon” President Trump for “state crimes.”

Here’s what Chip said: “It’s occurred to me that Republicans want Cuomo out so they can replace him with a Gov who could pardon Trump for state crimes.”

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A lot of people buy into this.

Here are some of their comments:

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“Yes they already have a person from Long Island, Rep Lee Zeldin, they want to run against him. Saying again let due process happen because the GOP is really pushing for cuomo to resign before an investigation- something smell odd”

“Welcome to the revelation, a lot of us have been here for a while! hahaha”

“Yes that was brought up this morning on The View. A valid theory. A valid concern.”

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“His daily briefings during COVID really made the other guy look bad. Cuomo took a shot at the King & he missed. I shudder to think what would have happened had he won in Nov.”

“Oh I am sure that is behind this. Trump also hates the way Coumo stepped up and informed his citizens on the state of the virus, it was what a leader did and trump resented it. Think there may be an old feud there too!”

These people are delusional. It’s funny how they swim between “Trump’s a dummy” to “Trump’s a mastermind,” though.

However, sadly, these commie sleuths are barking up the wrong tree (again).

If/when Cuomo gets the boot, he will not be “replaced” with a Republican. He will likely be replaced with a Democrat who is waiting in the wings.

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