Jen Psaki With a Shocking Statement About ‘Kids in Cages’

During a press conference on Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki responded to a question about minors being held in migrant detention centers.

A reporter inquired, “First and foremost, has President Biden been briefed by his delegation that went to the border over the weekend?” “And now that he’s been briefed by them, does he feel obligated to go to the border?”

Psaki replied, “Sure.” “Well, I can confirm that the president got a briefing from members of his team who visited the border area over the weekend earlier today.”

Psaki continued defensively, “I would remember that he provides daily updates on immigration, the economy, COVID, and a variety of problems that the nation and the administration are facing.” “He learned from the delegation about what they saw and heard about the facilities they visited during their visit to the border region.”

“However, they spent the rest of their time exploring how to speed up processes,” she said. “To move faster — to move the process faster — to achieve the administration’s target of placing these children with vetted and verified families,” she said.

Moving them quickly out of border patrol facilities and into these shelters, and finally into these houses, as you asked earlier.”

That is everything there is to it. The Biden administration would welcome any and all unaccompanied minors for ‘processing’ so that they may be reunited with their families in the United States. It has no intention to send children back to their home countries.

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It’s also not cooperating with Mexican and Latin American governments to discourage children from being trafficked into the US in the first place.

Tiana Lower of the Washington Examiner pointed out that Biden’s reversal of Trump’s diplomacy is exacerbating the child detention crisis.

“Trump supporters had hoped that the construction of a wall would curb recent spikes in border crossings,” Lowe wrote. “In reality, diplomacy was Trump’s more powerful weapon. Trump decreased the number of border encounters reported by Border Patrol by securing safe-third-country deals and convincing Mexico to clamp down on caravans, taking them to their lowest point since Trump took office in mid-2020. From May 2019 to April the following year, the number of recorded experiences decreased by 88 percent.”

“So, in the midst of a global pandemic, Immigration and Customs Enforcement claims we’re in for a migrant surge like we haven’t seen in ‘over 20 years.’” Lowe went on to say more, quoting Dana Loesch. “And, despite the fact that a negative COVID-19 test is needed for air travel to the United States, Border Patrol has been releasing migrants into the country with no tests at all.”

According to Tucson.com, “busloads” of asylum seekers have started arriving in Arizona, and shelters are about to be overwhelmed.

For the first time since President Biden started repealing Trump administration border policies, Tucson shelters are beginning to accept busloads of asylum seekers, according to the outlet.

“Four busloads of asylum seekers have arrived at the main shelter in Tucson since Saturday after being released by the Border Patrol in Yuma,” the study added.

The Department of Homeland Security has released an urgent call for volunteers to assist in the handling of an emerging emergency on the southern border of the United States.

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