Joe Biden Snaps Back at Reporter Shouting Questions About Hunter Biden – Then Shuffles Away (VIDEO)

78-year-old Joe Biden coughed his way through a press conference where he prematurely declared victory on Monday evening.

After coughing and clearing his throat dozens of times, Biden wrapped up his short speech and walked away from the lectern.
Jill Biden came out and the two had a very awkward embrace before a reporter started shouting questions about Hunter Biden.

The mainstream media has decided to report on the federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s criminal dealings with China and other countries now that Election Day is behind us.
The media claimed the Hunter Biden story was merely “Russian disinformation” but now that the election is over, they’ve been given the green light by their masters to report on the story.

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“When did you learn your son was under investigation?” a reporter yelled as Joe Biden began to shuffle away.

Joe got triggered, turned around and snapped back at the reporter with a bizarre response.
“Thanks for the comment but congratulations. Appreciate it,” Biden said before shuffling away.


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