Just Like a Movie: Cop Gives Car Accident Victim Refuge in His Car, She Pulls a Gun and Commits Suicide

A car crash took a shocking and tragic turn in Indiana when the survivor of the collision took her own life.

According to authorities, a 32-year-old woman crashed her vehicle on a country road and after police secured her in their cruiser, the woman took out her own pistol and shot herself.

Details on why she took her own life still have not been uncovered.

Watch the video:

From Breaking 911

Grant County, INDIANA – At the request of the Grant County Sheriff’s Department the Indiana State Police is investigating the death of Amanda Elbert, 32, Alexandria, IN.
Yesterday, at approximately 8:15 a.m., officers from the Gas City Police Department, the Upland Police Department, and the Grant County Sheriff’s Department responded to a single vehicle crash near 4598 South Grant County Road 600 East

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Preliminary investigation by Indiana State Police Detective Wendell Beachy revealed that when officers arrived at the crash scene, they found a 2007 Chevrolet Impala that crashed into a utility pole. Officers also located Amanda Elbert, 32, Alexandria, IN, a passenger in the Chevrolet. The driver of the car allegedly fled the crash scene on foot. Elbert indicated she was not injured in the crash. Due to the cold outside temperature, an Upland Police officer offered to let Elbert sit in the front seat of his police car to stay warm as the crash investigation was conducted. She accepted the offer and sat in the front passenger seat of the police car. When medics arrived on scene, Elbert told them she was not injured and refused medical treatment.

As officers were conducting an inventory of the Chevrolet in preparation for it to be towed from the scene, they heard a gunshot. Elbert allegedly shot herself with a handgun she had retrieved from her purse. Medics were summoned back to the scene and, despite lifesaving efforts, Elbert was pronounced dead.

No further details were released.


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