Kamala Harris & Biden Photos Showing Them Traveling Together

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris spend a lot of time together nowadays.

They ride around in cars telling people to ‘Mask Up!’ together.

They travel to official meetings together.

hey go on the road to speak about public events and sell a COVID relief package that has already been passed into law together.

The bosom buddies travel on Marine One together.

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They have even traveled on Air Force One together. Suddenly, they are so inseparable it looks like she might be stalking him!


In fact, the only time that you don’t see Kamala with Biden is when he needs her help – climbing up the stairs.

But what is it that is so odd about seeing a president and vice president travel so much together?

Could it be that it is unusual for a president and vice president to travel together so much? Some shrewd observers have that it doesn’t the pattern.

It turns out that it is rare, and for obvious security reasons, it is strongly discouraged. Biden, as vice president, only accompanied Obama on a few occasions.

According to Politico in 2013, “any time the president or vice president travels outside of Washington, they face increased security risks.” “And having them both traveling at the same time poses a risk that most administrations are unwilling to take: that something tragic could happen to both of them, leaving the presidency in the hands of the third in the presidential line of succession.”


Pelosi, Speaker of the House? Don’t even consider it.

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