Kamala Harris Is Now “Asian-American”…?

Here she is, the incredible Kamala Harris!

When she became the first “black woman” to run for Vice President, it was nothing short of a miracle.

What is the reason for this?

She isn’t black, after all.

Oh, she exaggerated that story a lot, claiming to be “just a little black girl” or something along those lines… However, the truth is that she is not black.

Please allow me to paraphrase Joe Biden: “You ain’t black!” exclaims the narrator. Come on, dude!

This is a true story.

Harris is said to be half Jamaican and half Indian.

But what about now?

Harris is now Asian American if there is a tragedy affecting Asian Americans!

Look at Kamala Harris, the great racially shifting actress!

Prepare for Kamala Harris to declare herself the first Eskimo President when disaster strikes the Eskimos!

And, of course, the media is playing it up to its full potential.

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