Megyn Kelly Reveals Progressive Programing of America’s Kids With One Disturbing Image

The left’s communist “cancel culture” has kicked into overdrive.

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It’s always been bad, but now that a confused elderly man is in office, the powers-that-be are going hog wild with the communist cancelation of everything and anything they can get their hands on.

And the left’s focus right now is on kids.

Don’t think for one moment that what they’re doing now by “canceling” all these kids’ books and shows isn’t a coordinated attack on America’s kids, because it is.

Just wait until you see what they replace it with.

But actually, you don’t even have to wait to see…As Megyn so brilliantly points out, it’s already happening.

Megyn Kelly shared a meme that literally sums up the left’s little plot to take over our kids, and it’s both disgusting and disturbing.

In “Biden’s America” Cadi B’s vulgar, twisted, and totally depraved “WAP” song is a-ok, but Dr. Seuss and the Muppets are not.

Look at this image that Megyn shared, with the caption she wrote “This about sums things up.”

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I can’t even post the lyrics to Cardi B’s “WAP” song – that’s how wildly and grossly sick and offensive they are. If you want to read them, here you go...but please, be warned, they are absolutely depraved.

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And for those who say kids don’t listen to the song, please, pull your head out of the sand and get real.

This disgusting song is “mainstream.” it reached #1 on the Billboard 100. Yes, it was an edited version, but “edited versions” make curious kids want to hear the unedited version even more. We all know this – and kids can listen to the song anywhere, or read the disgusting lyrics with one or two clicks on their smart devices.

It’s beyond horrifying.

And let’s not forget that Joe Biden further legitimized Cardi B by doing official interviews with her during his basement campaign.

But God forbid a child read something written by Dr. Seuss, right?

Chuck Woolery is right.

“We are living in a time of complete and total NONSENSE.”

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Here’s the point – the left would rather your kid’s minds be filled with sex, and “approved” urban racism, than anything written by someone who they don’t have “control” over.  This is all about control, and brainwashing little minds.

The left doesn’t want a wholesome culture, where moms and dads are reading Dr. Seusss to their kids. They prefer an America where kids are listening to a vile, vulgar half-wit singing about vulgar and pornographic sexuality and using offensive racial slurs that somehow she’s “allowed” to say.

This is Joe and the Dems version of America and we can’t stand for it.

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