Michigan Politicians Continue to Prevent the Release of Information of the IT Forensic Investigation of the Dominion Voting Machine in Antrim County

What are the leaders in Michigan trying to hide?

A couple of days ago we reported how the Michigan Attorney General is attempting to hide the results of a forensic IT investigation of the Dominion voting machines in Antrim County:

The leadership of Michigan want to prevent the release of the information.  Next Michigan’s Secretary of state petitioned and a judge allowed the Michigan Secretary of State to intervene in the case related to the investigation:

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Last night the attorney representing those who performed the investigation was on Newmax and he pointed out some shocking news – the Dominion voting machines did indeed change votes in Michigan:

But the full results of the investigation have not yet been released and the Michigan leadership continues to attempt to prevent the release.

We understand that all of the results are expected out any hour.

Why are the Michigan leaders trying to prevent the release in information related to an forensic audit of the Dominion voting systems?  Are they hiding something as severe as a national security issue?


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