MLB SCANDAL: They Moved All-Star Game to Blue State

Major League Baseball is doing whatever it can to show Republicans that it doesn’t give a damn if they watch baseball.

After pulling the All-Star Game from Atlanta due to a Georgia election integrity rule, which is in line with the majority of US states and the majority of countries around the world, MLB has awarded the game to… drum roll please… Colorado.

Governor Jared Polis, a Democrat, is the incumbent governor of Colorado. Although Coors Stadium still has strict occupancy rules, the state is one of the few blue states to have begun the process of rolling back COVID regulations.

“Fans will be invited back to Coors Field for the first time in 550 days to cheer on the Rockies during Thursday’s home opener,” the Rockies reported. “Health officials are enthusiastic about the decision to allow a smaller crowd inside the stadium, considering new safety standards and procedures placed in place at Coors Field to better protect fans from COVID.”

The clincher, however, is that Colorado requires voter ID to vote in person, requires signature authentication for mail-in ballots (unlike Georgia, which only requires the last four digits of a Social Security number or a driver’s license number), and has a ban on electioneers giving away food and water.

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MLB is moving the allstar game to Colorado, which requires photo ID to vote in person, requires signature verification for mail in ballots (which Georgia got rid of), and prevents campaign workers from giving food/water to voters within 100 ft if they’re wearing campaign apparel

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) April 6, 2021

So, not only is Major League Baseball managed by a hypocritical commissioner, but he is also incredibly dumb.

Meanwhile, Texas shocked the country on Monday by hosting a sold-out baseball game. There was no way MLB would shift its All-Star Game to a red state like Texas.

Cobb County, where the stadium is located, and the surrounding areas will lose an estimated $100 million in tourism revenue as a result of the Braves’ decision to postpone the All-Star Game. Over 200 CEOs have joined Major League Baseball in criticizing election integrity legislation like the ones passed in Georgia and Texas.

Last week, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred issued a statement announcing the league’s decision to move the game from Atlanta.

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