NEW POLL: Trump Remains 2024 GOP Favorite After Impeachment, And It’s Not Even Close

While establishment Republicans move to expunge former President Donald Trump from he head of the GOP, his massive voting base is expressing the opposite view — namely, that they’d like for him to remain at the head of a party they believe he has changed for the better.

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According to a Politico/Morning Consult poll released on Monday, fully 53 percent of Republican voters said they would cast another ballot for the former president if the 2024 primary was held today — more than the entire rest of the field combined.

The next closest candidate was Trump’s 2016 running mate, former Vice President Mike Pence, with 12 percent, following by the president’s United Nations ambassador, Nikki Haley, with 6 percent.

The Daily Caller adds:

The extremely preliminary poll was released two days after Trump was acquitted by the Senate on a charge of inciting the Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6. Though only 57 senators voted to convict, seven Republicans voted to do so, making it the most bipartisan conviction vote in American history.

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And despite Trump’s solid GOP support, a majority of the country blamed him for the Capitol riot, with 64% of Americans saying that he was at least partly responsible for the horrors that took place. Fifty-two percent said that the former president was “very responsible.”

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This survey isn’t the only one showing the strength of Trump’s GOP base of support. A Qunnipiac University poll also released on Monday, or just two days after Trump was acquitted 57-43 in the Senate, found that roughly three-quarters of Republicans surveyed said they want the former president to remain a dominant force in the party by essentially playing the role of ‘kingmaker’ — backing candidates in his mold in order to keep the party an “America First” and ‘worker first’ movement. Just 21 percent said they didn’t want Trump to remain involved.

“He may be down, but he is certainly not out of favor with the GOP. Twice impeached, vilified by Democrats in the trial, and virtually silenced by social media… despite it all, Donald Trump keeps a solid foothold in the Republican Party,” Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy said.

Other backers of Trump note that he remains highly popular among his voters.

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During his Monday evening program, Newsmax TV host Greg Kelly played a video clip of a spontaneous ‘roadside rally’ that greeted the former president after he returned from a round of golf in West Palm Beach over the weekend.

“Look at this. A motorcade for President Trump as he came back from golfing today,” said an excited Kelly. “You see all those people? For former President Trump! Former presidents don’t get this.

“That’s amazing, and I think it speaks to his future and what kind of job he did as president,” Kelly, who flew AV-8B Harrier ‘jump jets’ in the Marine Corps for nine years, noted further. “One of his secrets, in my opinion, people saw him as working. They saw him battling every single day, and the people noticed.”

As for the Politico/Morning Consult survey, Trump’s overall approval rating was just 34 percent, which, of course, isn’t stellar.

But then again, Biden’s approval rating was worse — just 26 percent — so there’s that.

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