Oklahoma’s Republican Governor Uses Executive Order To Nullify Biden’s Executive Order

The States are starting to push back against Biden’s authoritarian rule.

Oklahoma’s governor Kevin Stitt has just issued an Executive Order that makes a recent Executive Order by Biden of no effect to the State of Oklahoma.

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Stitt’s reason to nullify Biden’s Executive Order is due to the fact Biden’s executive order destroys thousands of jobs in the gas and oil industry and violates the Constitution too.



KOAM News reported Stitt’s Executive Order and had these details to share:

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The Oklahoma governor signs an executive order criticizing the Biden Administration’s attack on energy producing states like Oklahoma.

Governor Kevin Stitt signed an executive order today to protect Oklahoma’s oil and gas industry from a Washington power grab.

Executive Order 2021-03 highlights Oklahoma’s role as an global leader in energy production as well as the state’s successful “all of the above” strategy that has reduced carbon dioxide emissions to levels below the national average while producing the most affordable energy in the United States.

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The order also criticizes the Biden Administration’s attack on energy producing states like Oklahoma, specifically citing the federal overreach and dismissal of Oklahoma’s constitutional ability to properly determine how to best develop its own natural resources.


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