One Strategy for Saving the Union and Proving Without Question that President Trump Won the 2020 Election

n the past month we have repeatedly pointed out the incredibly corrupt and dishonest November election.  Here is a simple strategy for saving the Union and our future.

Democrats and uninformed Americans say if there was fraud, then prove it.  Here’s how we do it.

The amount of fraud in this election is legion.

Jovan Hutton Pulitzer was in an interview where he discussed the entire ballot process and claims that he can identify all fraudulent ballots and can go through millions of ballots with his process in a matter of hours.  He is for real.  He is an expert in this area and his process seems legit.

(Please just watch this 20 minute video to see how Pulitzer can do it.)

We don’t need to figure out entirely how the Democrats stole the election.  We already know the steal was massive and they did everything imaginable to steal the landslide from President Trump and the American people.

We just need to identify enough fraudulent ballots to PROVE President Trump won the election.

President Trump Would Need to Provide Access and Protection

In all these states President Trump will need to provide security for the people counting the ballots and the ballots themselves.  The President should be able to do this since this is a matter of national security.  The ballots need to be protected from more abuse and Democrat treachery and if the military is required to step in then so be it.


In Georgia on election night Republicans were told to go home, a water main break was reported, and then after all left the room where ballots were counted, special ballots for Joe Biden were pulled out from under the table and rammed into tabulators.  Pulitzer could start on these ballots in Atlanta and in no time find 10,000 fraudulent ballots and move the state to President Trump.

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Maricopa County in Arizona is where to focus on in Arizona.  Only 10,000 fraudulent ballots need to be identified to overturn this state as well.  There are numerous accounts of fraud in this county which is why Democrats are forcefully preventing President Trump access to the ballots.  It won’t take long to identify 10,000 fraudulent ballots in this county either.


Truck loads of ballots were reported transported from New York to Pennsylvania.  Ballots were counted with Republicans forcefully removed from the premises despite court orders mandating they be allowed to view the recounts.  There are easily enough fraudulent ballots in Philidelphia to turn the election to President Trump.  The President needs 80,000 ballots to win this state.  He was up by 700,000 on election night.  There are more than 80,000 fraudulent ballots in Philadelphia for sure.

(Note with Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona, the President wins the electoral college.)


In Wisconsin we already identified thousands of ballots in Dane County that were in pristine condition and therefore appear fraudulent. Mr. Pulitzer could start with this batch if he chooses to go to Wisconsin. He only needs to identify a little more that 20,000 ballots here.


In Michigan Mr. Pulitzer only needs to look at Detroit.  In an affidavit and interview, one observer saw ballots being counted that were all in pristine condition and were in sequential ballot number order.  These were fraudulent ballots.  The lead in Michigan now is 150,000 as votes continue to be added to Biden’s total.  There are enough fraudulent ballots in Detroit which could be identified and give the President the lead here as well.

Las Vegas and other big cities in several states could also be reviewed to solidify evidence of the steal.

This exercise would prove the election was a total fraud and that President Trump conclusively won.  It could be done in a relatively short amount of time.  It could return the 2020 election to the rightful winner.

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