Pennsylvania Sen. Doug Mastriano: We’re Standing Firm With President Trump

Pennsylvania Sen. Doug Mastriano said Saturday that he’s standing firm with President Donald Trump.

He insisted that the last-minute changes to election rules that happened in Pennsylvania, bypassing the legislative branch, was unconstitutional.

“There’s something gone wrong in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, and it needs to be corrected,” he said during an interview with NTD’s Cindy Drukier.

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The Keystone state senator, who has been leading the push for transparency in his home state, said the fight in 2020 for election integrity is to keep the Republic.

“Americans, we’ve been kicked so many times around by the media and by the left,” he said. “And now, Americans say, ‘No, just knock it off. We’re not going to sit down … we’re not going to stand aside.

“We have a Republic and we plan on keeping it,” he said.

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