President Donald Trump Just Gave His Full Support To Rand Paul

Former President Donald Trump recently supported Kentucky Senator Rand Paul in his re-election campaign in 2022.

“Rand Paul has done an incredible job for our country and the wonderful people of Kentucky,” Trump said in a tweet. “He battles the swamp in Washington, the radical left liberals, and especially the destructive RINOs in Congress, of which there are much too many.”

“Rand will continue to stand up for our great AMERICA FIRST policies because he believes in cutting waste, protecting our Second Amendment rights, and caring for our Military and Veterans,” Trump said. “I am honored to be a part of Rand’s campaign to Make America Great Again.”

Trump concluded, “He has my Complete and Total Endorsement for another term in the United States Senate.” “In Rand Paul, the Commonwealth of Kentucky has a real champion.”

During his tenure in the Senate, Senator Rand Paul has been a staunch supporter of human rights.

“I have had the privilege of serving all Kentuckians and protecting our civil freedoms since being elected to the United States Senate in 2010.” Senator Paul says on his campaign website, “I would be honored to have your support.”

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