Prince Philip Is a Member of the Black Eye Club – And Two Times?

I’ve written many times about the Black Eye Club.

Let’s start with some context information if you’re unfamiliar, and then we’ll talk about Prince Philip….a TWO-TIME member?

What exactly is it that they mean….

It occurs once in a lifetime. It’s a coincidence twice over. What is three times in a row?

Would you like a hundred or two dozen?

I’m not referring to the Clinton Kill List.

I’m referring to the “Black Eye Club.”

Many of you have already heard of this, but if you haven’t, prepare to have your mind blown.

How many adults in your life have you met who have ever had a black eye?

A truly awful one….a massive black and blue shiner?

What about me?

Personally, I have none.

I’ve never arrived at work on a Wednesday morning to find Hank in the office next door with a massive black eye.

But what about politicians and celebrities who hold positions of power?

It happens on a regular basis!

Don’t you think it’s odd?

Take a look at the following and you’ll be surprised:

Let’s talk about Prince Philip now.

Some of you seem to worship the ground on which he walks, which I find ridiculous.

You protect them as they steal from the common people and enjoy lives of opulence and excess at YOUR expense?

But that’s not the worst of it.

If you haven’t seen The Fall of the Cabal, you should pause what you’re doing right now and go watch it.

Before they were purged from YouTube, I saved the entire thing, all 10 bits!

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After watching that, you’ll see that these Royals are firmly entrenched in the Cabal.

But first, let’s talk about Prince Philip, a Cabal member, and his black eyes….

He seems to have joined the club TWICE!

Take a look at this:

At a reception to celebrate the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta at Buckingham Palace this evening, Prince Philip was sporting a severely bruised eye.

The 93-year-old Duke of Edinburgh has had two butterfly stitches in his right ear from a cut he got during his Christmas Break in Sandringham last month.

At a commemoration of the Magna Carta held at Buckingham Palace last week, the Duke of Edinburgh seemed to have some painful-looking bruises around his eye. He also had two butterfly stitches on a cut he had suffered during his Christmas break in Sandringham a few weeks before.

It’s not the first time the Duke has had a black eye in recent years; during an official engagement in Canada in April 2013, he had a similar mark under the same eye.

He hadn’t fallen and had just woken up with the mark on his forehead, according to reports at the time.

Several Members of Parliament, constitutional historians, non-governmental organization leaders, and senior legal figures attended the reception at the palace to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta’s sealing in 1215.


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