Prophet’s Prediction: Two “House” Leaders Will Die On The Same Day

This video, I’m sure, has been seen by several of you.

I’m not sure how I know that.

Since it was sent to me by dozens, if not hundreds, of you.

Thank you so much!

I really enjoy hearing from you, particularly when you tell me about something I might have overlooked.

And I didn’t see this one coming.

I’m not familiar with this woman, haven’t followed her on social media, and have never watched one of her videos.

Still, after receiving so many messages, I eventually sat down to watch it.

Also, wow!

It was awesome.

Again, I don’t know this lady or her background, but something about her appealed to me.

She states that the LORD gave her a very simple instruction to read the Book of Samuel, and that when she did, one verse jumped out at her.

She believes that the message was crystal clear….

God is about to clean up America’s “home,” beginning with America’s House.

What exactly does that imply?

The United States House of Representatives?

The Senate’s upper chamber?

Is this the White House?

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She has no idea.

However, she believes that God told her that two leaders of “America’s House” will die on the same day, one in the morning and the other in the evening.

Oh my goodness!

You can easily watch the message here:

If you’ve been listening to Hank Kunneman’s messages as I have, this immediately reminded you of something he said last week.

He predicted that two big events will take place in one day, one in the morning and the other later in the evening.

Doesn’t it sound eerily close to what this woman is saying?

Yeah, that was amazing.

One thing is certain….

You’ll know both terms have been firmly founded if and when two big political leaders die in the same day.

We’ll have to wait and see!

Is it going to happen in April?

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