Psaki Struggles as Reporter Hits Her for $86M

As reporters pounded White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki over Vice President Joe Biden’s border crisis, she was getting another case of the Mondays.

Psaki was confronted by a reporter about an explosive report that the Biden administration had arranged for illegal immigrants to be housed in hotels at a cost of $86 million to taxpayers.

Newsmax’s Emerald Robinson said, “So, you’re still opening up new facilities.” “Over the weekend, it was reported that spending $86 million on hotel rooms and feeding some migrants was one of the options.”

“How do you reconcile National Guard troops sleeping in parking garages, some of whom became ill as a result of contaminated food?” she continued. “A lot of people are pointing out the disparity: that our National Guard was treated one way and illegal immigrants will be put in hotel rooms?”

“Well, first and foremost, let me say that when we became aware of the conditions, the National Guard was stationed in parking garages,” Psaki stammered, “as you noted, the president called the head of the National Guard that day and offered his assistance.” He was asked to play any role he could. Boosting morale, requesting more assistance, and ensuring they had everything they needed were all handled in the same manner.

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Psaki persisted, “I know that was a long time ago.” “But that was his reaction at the time.”

It doesn’t take a keen observer to notice that Psaki omitted to respond to the question’s premise: What about the illegal immigrant hotels?

In any case, at Monday’s White House press briefing, Fox News’ Steve Doocy pressed Psaki.

“However, if I may ask, I’m not sure if there are any CDC guidelines that say, ‘You can be open…’” Doocy got started.

“Are you referring to the shelter?” Psaki was in the way. “Are you referring to the border patrol?”…

“Please accept my apologies,” Psaki said. “Your question was misunderstood by me.”

He replied, “Yes.”


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