Republicans Are Making Moves In Three Battleground States To Tighten Voting Restrictions!!

Before the 2020 election, Pres. Trump tried to warn Americans how mail-in voting would severely hamper election results but the media used their large megaphone to dismiss his concerns. The Democrats joined with the media to put a blanket over Trump’s dire message and the rest of the story is now history.

Now, according to Fox News, three battleground states (Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania) are being actively challenged by Republican lawmakers to tighten voting restrictions for future elections.

We been talking about this for a while now on my podcast. Changes have to be made on the ground in local and state elections. George Soros’ dirty deeds are not done in the Senate and House of Representatives alone, his strongest tentacles are on the local level and that’s where the first works need to start.

It is nice that the Republican lawmakers in these key battleground states are trying to close the barn after the horse ran out. They should be ashamed of themselves for allowing fraudulent mail-in voting that had plenty of warnings about.

For those who think it is wrong to require an ID to vote, whether in person or to obtain a mail-in ballot, let me ask this of you. When you go to a bank to withdraw money, you have to show an ID to access your funds if you go in person. And if you use an ATM, you use the bank card you obtained at some point by providing ID to your bank. Would you want anyone other than yourself (or whoever else is listed on your account) accessing your bank account? I think the obvious answer is no. And how is that prevented? By showing ID somewhere in the process.

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