REVEALED: Here’s What Was On Biden’s Notes He Kept on Staring At During The Press

On Thursday, President Joe Biden gave his first press conference since taking office more than two months ago. He kept looking at his notes over and over throughout his briefing.

Now we have a first look at what was written on the notes he was keeping.

Are you able to see what’s on there? Let’s take a closer look:

The presence of numbers next to the faces and names of journalists suggests that the president was taking questions in order. It’s no surprise that no conservative media reporters were summoned to the press conference.

It turned out that Biden was calling on reporters from a list, just as many had expected.

After taking a question from Associated Press reporter Zeke Miller, Biden fumbles with his notes and peeks at them in his answer.

“Well, I’m — look,” Biden said, pausing before turning to a booklet of scripted responses. “When I first took office, I agreed it was a fairly straightforward, straightforward proposition. And that is why I was chosen. I was elected to solve problems.”

“And the most pressing problems confronting the American people, as I said from the beginning, were COVID-19 and the economic dislocation for millions and millions of Americans,” he continued.

“And so that’s why, in the beginning, for a lot of problems, I focused all of my attention on dealing with those specific problems,” Biden said, referring to his notes once more.

Reporters and commentators couldn’t believe their eyes.


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